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Good day everyone! How are you liking the chat room so far? I personally love having this space just for BSS Women and I am sure that other women would enjoy being in this space too!

So for today's activity, we will be posting our "I Am Attending" and "Please Be My Guest" flyers onto our Facebook and Instagram pages with the caption: Happy Monday Friends and Family! It is time to disconnect to reconnect! I’m talking about taking a break from our daily routines and spending quality time with God! It is with great pleasure that I invite you to spend a refreshing time in God’s presence at the 15th Annual BSS Women’s Conference on Zoom. This glorious event takes place on Saturday, October 2nd at 10 am CST. Head over to to register for the conference for free!

Make sure you tag ALL of your friends in the post and tag BSS Women too! Please let us know here on this platform that you have posted your flyer so we repost, share, like, and love!

God bless you all as you do so! 💗 #ComeUpHigher

Sophia Pryce


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