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As image bearers of Christ, it is important that we always exude God’s love. There’s nothing more pure, comforting, satisfying, and holy than the love of God. It’s because of God’s love for us we are saved from sin and condemnation (John 3:16). I don’t know about you, but I’m grateful for God’s love; it conquers all!

As children of God, we must always monitor how we carry ourselves and interact with others on daily basis. How do we do that? First, we must spend time with The One who is love (1 John 4:16). He will most likely lead you to pray for someone or contact them. He could prompt you to fellowship with someone or give a gift. By His Spirit, He will prompt you to be respectful, kind, and courteous.

It is vital to stay close to God because through Him, we experience perfect love; through Him, we are able to show it to others. I pray God’s love abides with you and your family always. I also pray that God will use all of us to express His perfect love.

I love you all and have a lovely day. 💗

Sophia Pryce


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