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Hi BSS Women! I trust everyone is off to a terrific Tuesday! Today, you have the opportunity to win a free ticket to the conference or a gift card! But first, I have more interesting facts about the color purple! 💜

In Acts 16:11-15, there’s a woman of God, Lydia, from Thyatira, who sells purple colored textiles. Paul and his team were ministering in that city, and she went to listen to Paul speak. She is was in the company of other women when God opened her heart to receive the message Paul was delivering. She was later baptized and invited Paul and his team to stay in her home.

As mentioned before, purple is a rare color in nature. Due to its rarity, it was the most prestigious and royal color in ancient times. In this region, one way to obtain the the color purple, one would have to travel hundreds of miles to the Mediterranean Sea to find mollusks to obtain the dye. That requires a lot of planning, effort, and labor to get this rare color.

For this year’s conference, our color is purple; and in the spirit of the conference, we want to see all of the precious purple things around us! Take a picture of a purple item and post it onto your Instagram or Facebook page. Make sure to tag @bsswomen in the photo and put the hashtag, #PowerfulPurple! If you don’t have Instagram or Facebook, submit your photo to me here on WhatsApp!

You can take a picture of purple flowers, purple clothing, purple hair, purple accessories - anything purple! Get to posting! Submit your photos TODAY for the chance to win a free ticket to the conference or a free gift card!

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