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Happy Sunday Funday BSS Women! 🤗 I am certain that all of you are off to an amazing day and new week. Most people believe that you can only have great fun on Friday and Saturday. However, I believe that where there is life, there is hope, love, peace, joy, and FUN! So let's kick off our Sunday Funday BSS style! I like to start my Sunday Funday with being in the presence of God. I start with praying and reading His word, then attend church service. After church, I enjoy pigging out with my husband and watching comedies. 😜 So tell me, what are some of your Sunday Funday activities? If you’ve never had a Sunday Funday and want to have one, tell me some of the activities you’d like to try! I will lookout for your responses because I want to add new things to my Sunday Funday! God bless you all and have a joyous day! 😘

Sophia Pryce


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