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Shut The Doors

An almost fail-safe way of ensuring you live life in a light hearted way, while learning patience, is hanging out with children. They make you laugh, scream and cry at the oddest of times, the oddest of things and lately I have added, think deeply about a lot of things.

Of late, my son has been taking me through this journey with the various things he does. He recently started shutting all open doors; doors to the bedrooms, bathrooms, car, and even the fridge. It just seems like he can’t stand the doors being opened and we have nicknamed him the ‘door monitor’. It gets particularly hilarious when he finds it challenging to close the door, as he is not tall enough for some doors and struggles to get them shut. But, it gets particularly annoying when he tries to shut the door while you’re getting things out of the fridge, and the more you scream ‘NO!’, the more he tries to shut it.

These ‘feats’ of his brought to my mind the scripture that says our God opens doors that no man can shut and shuts doors that no man can open. God began to speak to me that there are many doors he wants to shut, but a lot of time we don’t allow him. These doors differ from person to person- doors of the past, doors of unforgiveness, doors of regret, doors of pain, doors of shame and the list goes on and on. Just when he is trying to shut it, we force the door open to reminisce on the event and the pain it caused. He is saying to you, “Shut the door!” The past is familiar and the future sometimes very uncertain, but you need to allow some doors stay shut and trust God to open the needed doors for the moment you are in.

Ruth is a fantastic example of a woman who allowed God to shut the door to her past completely. Even though Naomi tried to convince her to go back, she was adamant, because she knew that except she shuts the door to her past, the door to the future will not open, as you cannot look in two directions at the same time (Ruth 1:14-18). Orpah, on the other hand, went back and we never heard of her again. Ruth went forward and got the privilege of birthing the great grandfather of King David.

Elisha is another great example. When Elijah came and anointed Elisha, he killed his ox, burnt his ploughing equipment and followed Elijah (1Kings 19: 19-21). By this action he shut the door permanently to the past; he never went back to farming. I know the affair your husband was involved in hurt you bitterly, but it’s time to shut the door. Although the lies your colleague told against you almost cost you your job, it’s time to let it go. The business venture that crashed has happened; move on. The adage that says there is no use crying over spilled milk is so true and I would like to add- clean it up and move on.

This year God spoke to us that it will be our year of multiplicity and reward; and may I say that for every one you choose to forgive and for every wrong action you choose to overlook, there will be rewards, and not only that, God will prosper the work of your hands. No going back any more, it’s time to shut those doors permanently. Have a rewarding year!

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